January 7, 2017:
Maxine Alexander, LUT

January 14, 2017:
Rev. Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

January 21, 2017:
Christina Brighton, LUT

January 28, 2017:
Christina Brighton, LUT


Classes are the key to the expansion of the soul.

General Information

Unity has developed a great series of courses for the curious Unity student. This program known as Spiritual Education & Enrichment is offered by Unity School Canada through its local ministries in a scheduled, repeating form. While you can take these classes for credit, it is not necessary. In fact, we encourage you to take them for you!

These classes bring into focus the principles and expressions of the Unity Movement. They are a great way to delve deeper into Unity traditions and beliefs, and will help you to better understand what Unity is all about! Whether you want to learn more about Unity, more about life or simply learn more about how Unity can work in your life, the Spiritual Education & Enrichment classes are meant for you.

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